Sheet Cakes – 7 sizes

Layer cakes and Heart shape too!

From simple to the elaborate!

We have many toy sets and edible images of your favorite characters.

To personalize your cakes we can make edible images of your family, friends, and pets. Email available to send pictures. Orders NOT taken by email! Please call 479-474-7044 or come by anytime.

Tier Cakes

Designed for weddings, Anniversaries, Showers, or Birthdays!

We do many different designs.

Our cakes are mainly decorated in butter cream but we can do accents in fondant!

Come by anytime to order 1 week to 6 months notice depending on the size of the cake. If it’s a busy season please order early!

  • Flavors

    White  .  Chocolate  .  Strawberry  .  Cherry  .  Pineapple  .  Orange  .  Coconut  .  Lemon  .  Butter  .  Butter pecan  .  Spice  .   Applesauce .  Yellow .  Red Velvet

  • Icing

    Homemade Butter cream  .  Boiled Icing or 7 Minute Icing  .  Chocolate Butter cream  .  Cream cheese  .  Fruit flavor Butter cream

  • Filling

    Vanilla  .  Chocolate  .  Lemon  .  Coconut pudding  .  Coconut Mounds  .  Strawberry  .  Raspberry  .  Cherry  .  Pineapple